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GPCRs in oncology and immuno-oncology : The IRIC’s virtual symposium 2021

Chaired by IRIC CEO Michel Bouvier, this virtual symposium showcases some of the latest discoveries and techniques leveraging the potential of GPCRs in the fields of oncology and immuno-oncology.

Leading experts will share findings from world-class academic and private research on GPCRs in those crucial fields.

Make sure to check out the IRIC symposium summary report, and get the take-away messages.


The Discovery and Challenges of Antibodies Targeting GPCRs

In this webinar Xavier Leroy presents how next-generation technologies, such as high-throughput flow cytometry, microfluidics, single B-cell screening and lab-on-a-chip approaches complement the power of next-generation sequencing (NGS) with deep sequencing for the rapid identification of functional antibodies. Martine Smit presents nanobodies targeting GPCRs, considered as attractive and novel research tools for diagnostics and therapeutics. Together, they bring a complete vision about the challenges and opportunities of this exciting field.

Innovative Technology for Insights into Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

In this webinar, our panelists Florence Gross and Laurent Sabbagh introduce the bioSens-All® technology and its applications to interrogate RTK biology and expand current drug discovery efforts. Using examples of different RTKs, our presenters will describe a unique set of biosensors spanning different effectors that allows for the real-time mapping and spatiotemporal monitoring of the signal transduction pathways engaged upon activation of RTKs and their mutated variants, in different cellular compartments.

Shedding new light on GPCR drug discovery with a novel biosensor technology

In this GEN webinar, our expert panelists introduce bioSens-All®, an enhanced bystander bioluminescence resonance energy transfer select ebBRET)-based biosensor technology that addresses bottlenecks limiting current GPCR drug discovery and development efforts. Through various examples, our presenters will discuss how novel GPCR pharmacology concepts can be revealed by this new biosensor technology to advance drug discovery, expand the current GPCR target space, and ultimately unlock untapped therapeutic potential for this complex class of receptors.

GPCRs in oncology and immuno-oncology : The 2021 virtual symposium summary report
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